Max Lai

Executive Group Chef

Chef Max Lai started Sushi Murasaki in 2015. Murasaki means purple in Japanese, a color that reflects elegance. Chef Lai believes deeply in the elegance behind the art of sushi and in how this elegance has to perfectly reflect in every area of the restaurant’s being.

Since starting his culinary story at the tender age of 16, Hong Kong-born Chef Lai has amassed a wealth of experience in multiple award-winning restaurants over the last 18 years, having trained at multiple Japanese restaurants including exceptional names such as Tenku RyuGin (2 Michelin Stars, Chef de Partie), Tsuraku (Sous Chef), Kinki and Fat Cow.

With Sushi Murasaki’s friendly dining atmosphere featuring seasonal fish freshly-flown from Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market, Chef Lai intends to create a greater appreciation of Japanese food in Singapore. He is constantly striving to deliver food of exceptional quality combined with the warmth of sincere hospitality. Diners can expect not only a treat for their tastebuds, but also pleasant conversations and new friendships to be found.

A humble and unassuming chef, he often modestly credits his inspiration from Hideaki Sato from Tenku RyuGin, as well as his hardworking team of “brotherly” staff who labour day and night to ensure that each diner has the best Japanese sushi experience, culinary and sensory, from the moment they enter the restaurant till well after they leave. Chef Lai is currently the Executive Group Chef at Sushi Murasaki. With his great team, he hopes to create a memorable experience for all diners at his restaurant.

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