Raymond Tan

Head Chef

Raymond Tan has made great inroads in innovating Japanese cuisine since opening Sushi Murasaki in 2015. Having embarked on his culinary journey over 12 years ago, the light-hearted, cheerful chef enjoys the jovial dining atmosphere of Japanese restaurants made possible by friendly banter between chefs and guests.

Moving to Japan at the age of 19 to learn more about Japanese culture, Raymond began his culinary career during his stint as a kitchen assistant in Kaotan, a washoku (traditional Japanese) restaurant in Tokyo. Since then, he has built up an impressive resume of culinary expertise through several brand-name restaurants: fusion sushi at Kinki, steakhouse Fat Cow, and most notably taking the lead role at opening and developing Sushi Jin, a sushi restaurant owned by the award-winning Les Amis Group.

With Sushi Murasaki’s omakase dining concept and seasonal fish freshly-flown directly from Japan’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market, Raymond constantly pushes culinary boundaries by combining numerous cooking techniques, modifying the texture, form and/or temperature of the various ingredients in a dish, while preserving its essence.

Although his creations are often graced with descriptions such as “magical” and “exceptional”, Raymond modestly attributes his style and success to his supportive team of “brotherly” staff, all of whom toil hard to ensure that each diner’s experience is of singular priority from start to finish. Raymond is currently the Head Chef and General Manager at Sushi Murasaki. He hopes to spread this sense of camaraderie to all whom he has the pleasure of serving at his restaurant.

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